Participation in IROS 2022 and keynote speeches by software engineers (October 23rd-27th)
ロボティクス国際会議IROS2022へのブース出展と、ソフトウェアエンジニアによる基調講演のお知らせ (10/23-27)

※Japanese follows English 和文は英文のあとに続きます

Robotics technology company Mujin will participate in the 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022), one of largest and most impactful robotics conferences worldwide, held between October 23rd to 27th at Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan.
Mujin’s team is delighted to welcome all participants to our booth, where we will show our intelligent 3D picking robot system “PickWorker”.
IROS 2022 is a wonderful opportunity for participants who research intelligent robots and systems, to meet face-to-face with us and get to know how robotics technology is used in real production sites.

Mujin develops and sells the intelligent robot controller called “MujinController” that can connect with other robot maker’s manipulators to make robots intelligent. Behind MujinController, our unique approach of machine intelligence “MujinMI” enables robots to get up and run without programming or teaching. Those intelligent robots are being used in the logistics and factory automation fields today to liberate humans from manual labor. Extremely passionate and professional members unite from all over the world to work toward our goal: making the world a better place.
Mujin’s office has a huge robot development space where robotics innovation happens every day.Our team will be giving tours of the Mujin facility, along with demonstration of the full production system, to select researchers and students from top global universities in the days after IROS 2022.During this conference, Mujin software engineers will give keynote speeches and presentations for several programs as below.

Keynote speech about Mujin and our technology
Program : Robotics Systems Integration for Supply Chain Workflows: Design, Deploy, Execute
Title         : ”Machine Intelligence” and Its Industrial Applications
Date         : Sunday, October 23rd, 13:00-17:00(Mujin’s Presentation will be 16:30-16:50)
Place        : 2F Room B-2
Speaker   : Yuta Kojio, Robotics System Engineer

Program  : Industrial Forum
About  :Universal intelligent robot controller and its unique approach: “Machine Intelligent” technology
Date         : Monday, October 24th, 14:00-17:00(Mujin’s presentation will be 15:16~15:21)
Place        : 1F Main Hall
Speaker  : Felix von Drigalski, Lead Product Engineer

Program : The role of uncertainty and how it is tackled in robotic grasping and manipulation
Title         : Uncertainty in industrial applications: Challenges and Approaches
Date         : Thursday, October 27th, 9:00-17:00
Place        : 5F Room 510
Speaker   : Felix von Drigalski, Lead Product Engineer

◆Presentation about a paper by Felix von Drigalski – Lead Product engineer
Title       : Uncertainty-aware manipulating planning using gravity and environment geometry
Date       : Monday, October 24th, 11:00-11:10
Place      : 1F Room C-1
Speaker : Felix von Drigalski, Lead Product Engineer
Mujin, as a sponsor for IROS 2022 and the robotics competition which will be held during the conference, supports all researchers and students who explore the frontier of science and technology in intelligent robots and related systems.


産業用ロボット知能化技術で自動化を実現しているMujinは、2022年10月23日(日)~27日(木)に国立京都国際会館にて開催される、The 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems(IROS 2022)に出展いたします。


プログラム:Robotics Systems Integration for Supply Chain Workflows: Design, Deploy, Execute
講演テーマ:「”Machine Intelligence” and Its Industrial Applications」
日時   :2022年10月23日(日)13:00~17:00(Mujinの講演は16:30~16:50)
場所   :2階 B-2
講演者  :小椎尾 侑多-ロボティクスシステムエンジニア

プログラム:Industial forum
日時         :2022年10月24日(月)14:00~17:00(Mujinのプレゼンテーションは15:16~15:21)
場所         :1階メインホール
講演者  :Felix von Drigalski-リードプロダクトエンジニア 博士

プログラム :The role of uncertainly and how it is tackled in robotic grasping and manipulation
講演テーマ:「Uncertainty in industrial applications: Challenges and Approaches」
日時   :2022年10月27日(木)9:00~17:00
場所   :5階 510
講演者  :Felix von Drigalski-リードプロダクトエンジニア 博士

◆ソフトウェアエンジニア Felix von Drigalskiによる論文発表
プログラム:Manipulation Systems1
講演テーマ:Uncertainty-Aware Manipulation Planning Using Gravity and Environment Geometry
日時   :2022年10月24日(月)11:00~11:10
場所   :1階 C-1


Mujinは、独自に開発した技術「MujinMI(Machine Intelligence)」をもとに、知能ロボットコントローラ「Mujinコントローラ」の

Mujinが目指す豊かな未来を創るため、才能あふれるメンバーが世界中から集結し、ロボット開発環境が整うオフィスで日々研究と開発を続けています。 また、本国際会議と会期中に開催予定のロボットコンペティションにおいて、Mujinは知能ロボットの最先端科学と技術を研究される研究者と学生の皆様をスポンサーとして支援いたします。