9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards Ceremony

Tokyo, Japan (February 16, 2021) — Mujin attended the 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards Ceremony held at Josui Hall.

The award is organized by Japan Techno-Economics Society in order to present examples of outstanding innovations changing the world, and to promote economic growth and innovation in Japan.

The development of MujinController won the Ministry of Education Award as the achievement of improving productivity in logistics and manufacturing sites and expanding the robot market had been highly evaluated. In addition, Mujin’s abilities to conceive the idea and manage the processes which enabled to realize the innovation in the face of many difficulties had also been recognized.

Find the details in Mujin won the Ministry of Education Award in the 9th Technology Management and Innovation Awards.

Mr. Yasuhiro Itakura, a Director-General of Science and Technology Policy Bureau, Ministry of Education presented the award to us. “MujinContoller has realized the automation of complicated processes. This is a great example of the success in productivity improvement at manufacturing sites.”

Issei Takino, Mujin CEO, said in his winning speech, “I have realized that it is about 1,000 times harder to implement and keep working on an idea than to come up with it. Innovation may sound glamorous at first glance, but what I really feel is that it is the accumulation of efforts. Therefore, I am very grateful to our employees, partners and supporters who have stuck with us through this process, and to everyone who has provided us with these awards and support.”