Robotics Technology
Internship Program

As an engineering team at the forefront of robotics technology, we are seeking passionate students to work on research and development projects in the areas of computer vision, robot motion planning, optimization, security, and infrastructure.

This program is for people who enjoy applying themselves to difficult problems in robotics and working side-by-side with top industry experts from around the world.

This program will help you rapidly expand your skills in robotics and computer science, and your mentors are having experience from top-ranked academic programs. You’ll also gain the satisfaction of solving real-world problems.


Mujin Engineering Interview

Program Feature

  • Only internship program specializing in robotics-related technology in Japan
  • Mentors include accomplished robotics and computer science professionals (Silver medalist at the World Programming Tournament, North American representative at the MS Programming Tournament, PhDs from world-famous universities)
  • Flexible environment to allow individually tailored research themes, with the possibility to use research for thesis or dissertation
  • Your exemplary work will likely be used by real-world customers
  • Work alongside roboticists who are changing the world


Main Themes

Considering your academic career and existing skills, we can customize the theme and goals of your internship.
Below is a partial list of the topics we’ve identified and are now accepting applications:

Robotics team

Development of a hand for grasping amorphous objects

Qualifications: 3D CAD experience

Robotic arm control

Qualifications: C++ experience, previous robotic control experience

Robotic arm palletizing stability

Qualifications: C++ experience, previous robotic control experience

Robotic arm motion planning

Qualifications: C++, Python experience

2D robotic pack evaluation

Qualifications: C++ experience, strong with algorithms

Computer Vision team

Vision system for recognizing reflective objects

Qualifications: previous computer vision experience

Improving real-time 3D object estimation

Qualifications: previous computer vision experience

3D vision sensor calibration

Qualifications: previous computer vision experience

Frontend team

2D/3D graphical robotic user interface improvement

Qualifications: WebGL, realtime rendering, shader programming experience

Robotic controller HCI improvement

Qualifications: React.js, D3.js programming experience

JavaScript code optimization

Qualifications: Webpack and NPM development experience, browser development experience

Automatic internationalization system development

Qualifications: System development experience, bilingual ability


Program Detail

  • Requirements


    Students currently enrolled in Bachelors, Masters, or Ph.D.
    (If you wish to work after graduation, please apply for our permanent positions.)


    <Full time>

    Term: minimum 3 months
    Hours: 8hours/day – 5days/week

    <Part time>

    Term: minimum 4 months
    Hours: negotiable

  • Location / Benefits


    Mujin Robotics Center, 3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-ku Tokyo 135-0053


    – Salary: determined based on skills and experiences
    – Paid commuting allowance
    – Free lunch and free snacks/drinks >> Check in Mujin blog

  • Application


    Resume screening, interviews, skill test

    Application materials:

    – Resume
    – Relevant papers, research, and/or portfolio


Intern Alumni

Mujin culture is the most open working culture I’ve ever seen in Asia. I feel like I’m in Silicon Valley, everyone speaks English, everyone has a startup mentality. For me it’s like a bubble inside Tokyo. People here are very passionate about what they are doing and they love it.


University of Illinois at Chicago, Master / Hardware Development

I think it’s cool how Mujin is still in a growth phase, and in fact 20 people joined after I came onboard, and it was nice to see how rapidly the company is expanding. It’s great to be part of a company on the rise.


University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Bachelor / Hardware Development

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