What is the Mujin Controller?

What is the Mujin Controller?

Intelligent robot controller

The world’s first motion planning AI-equipped intelligent robot controller developed by Mujin. By making it possible to connect to all robots, instantly making your robot easier to use and highly intelligent, you can realize advanced robot automation that you could not do so before.
Robots made intelligent by the Mujin Controller provide immeasurable value, such as by greatly improving customer productivity, reducing automation costs, allowing maintenance through unified operation, and reducing training costs etc.


Looking forward to an era when everyone uses industrial robots

The hopes of Mujin are simple. However, in reality, the market for industrial robots cannot be said to be growing explosively, and Mujin believe this to be due to the following four causes.

Conventional methods – Problems

What are the factors impeding the expansion of the robot market?

  • Operational methods are completely different for each manufacturer
  • Professionals are required as the teaching is complex
  • Robots only repeat the actions they are taught
  • Entry is difficult for new robot manufacturers
Worldwide, there were no general-purpose intelligent controllers

Mujin’s technology – Solutions

Mujin proudly mobilizes its “Motion planning” technology

  • It can be used with any robot
  • Anyone can use it with “Teachless”
  • Anyone can easily convert for intelligence
  • Anyone can become a robot manufacturer
“Unify robot operation” and “Make robots intelligent”

Feature 1 All robots can be used – Unified robot operation –

The world’s first direct control for all well-known manufacturers’ robots

Mujin is the only robot controller in the world that can directly control robots made by manufacturers. Through direct control, it is possible to automatically carry out fine operations and fine interference avoidance; and we guarantee a level of control quality that distinguishes itself from other companies’ self-proclaimed “Intelligent Robot Controllers” which simply send basic coordinates to the robot controller.


Conventional methods – Problems

  • It is necessary to learn new operation methods for each robot.
  • Human resources for handling robots are limited.
  • Mistakes increase.
Robots can’t be chosen freely and training is a major issue

Mujin system – Solutions

  • Mujin unifies the operation methods of all robots.
  • Simple connection is possible by just selecting a robot manufacturer.
  • Easy to learn and young workers can improve quickly.
  • Maintenance methods are also unified, and mistakes are drastically reduced.
Unify robot control within the company

Feature 2 Minimization of teaching points – World-first automatic generation of robotic motion –

Conventional methods – Problems

  • While avoiding robot interference and singular points, waypoints need to be taught one by one.
  • Experience is needed for manual avoidance of singular points and joint limits.

Mujin system – Solutions

  • A bare minimum of teaching points is sufficient.
  • With the world’s first automatic interference avoidance function, most robot movements are automatically generated.
  • A smooth motion is realized which is impossible to achieve with teaching.

Feature 3 Unprecedented, innovative and intuitive operation screen

Conventional methods – Problems

  • Operation screen filled with characters and lists of joint values
  • It is difficult to visualize the robot’s movements
Operating methods are difficult, so it’s not something anyone can use

Mujin system – Solutions

  • A completely new type of modern operation screen for intuitive use
  • Easy to check – with 3D graphics included as standard
  • Intuitive operation with touch panel
Easy and safe operation possible by non-professionals

Feature 4 Online/Offline simulator installed as standard

Conventional methods – Problems

  • The simulator works only with a separately purchased housing.
  • Robot motion generation is not possible.
  • As it is different from using the actual machine, only the approximate cycle time is known.
Simulation is expensive and difficult to use

Mujin system – Solutions

  • Both the online and offline simulator are standard equipment.
  • With automatic robot motion generation, the optimum route is computed in one run.
  • Cycle times can be simulated at any time.
80% of integration is completed with the simulator.
It’s possible to judge feasibility before purchasing equipment!

Feature 6 Remote and centralized management – Remote maintenance –

Conventional methods – Problems

  • When a problem occurs, on-site workers cannot perform recovery.
  • It takes time until a specialist engineer arrives.

Mujin system – Solutions

  • It is possible to monitor the robot from anywhere using the remote maintenance function, which is included as standard.
  • There is no need to locate dedicated engineers at each site, and support is concentrated in one place.

Mujin’s products

Mujin Controller
Mujin Controller
  • Mujin Controller for 3D piece picking and bin picking
  • Necessary functions for piece picking and bin picking supplied all-in-one
  • Possible to start up picking by robots in a few days
Mujin Pendant
  • Easy-operation, high-performance, multifunctional teaching pendant
  • Easy-to-hold, with easy-to-operate design
  • Easy-to-see, large-format, color liquid crystal display
Mujin 3D Vision
3D Vision
  • 3D vision system specialized for logistics
  • Compatible with a very wide variety of products
  • 3D recognition can be performed with high speed and high accuracy