Software Engineer in Test


  • Design and implement test suit for any Mujin’s software product at any level
  • Automate test execution and test report
  • Analyze test case failure and problem report
  • Create tools for productivity


  • Excellent experience and skills of software development and software testing using C++ or Python on Linux
  • Excellent understanding of classical and modern computer science and practical software engineering such as network, operating system, virtualization and container technology
  • Technical communication skills in English
  • Eagerness to keep learning new technology and to develop yourself
  • Experience in Robotics
  • Experience in Computer Vision
  • Experience in Continuous Integration and Continuous Development
  • Experience in automatic test suit reduction
  • Experience in data-driven testing with massive data

As part of the Software in Test (SET) Team, you will be responsible for the quality and efficiency of Mujin’s software product and software development process and to establish the best software development process in the world.

【Attractiveness / Uniqueness】

  • Members of the SET Team are aiming to continuously improve automation in any process including the software development process itself through Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. Automation at any level is highly respected and the SET Team has the chance to contribute to any software component at Mujin.
  • The SET Team is made of members from various regions from Physics to biology to C.S. and previously worked in robotics start-ups to a major Japanese game company. Not everyone comes from a background in testing, but all are very passionate about software engineering and automation. They are all working to automate everything in the business.

Work Location:

Tatsumi office: 3-8-5 Tatsumi, Koto-ku, Tokyo, 135-0053 Japan

Working Hours:

8:45~17:45 (Includes 1-hour break)


  • 2 full days off per a week (Saturday, Sunday)
  • Holidays scheduled on the Company’s calendar
  • Paid Leaves
  • Congratulation/Condolence, Maternity/Childcare, Family Caregiver Leave

Expected Salary:

Flexible depending on the candidate's experience and skills


  • Commuting Allowance
  • Social Insurance
  • No dress code (You can dress casually)
  • Buffet lunch (Free) →Check in Mujin blog
  • Drinks and Snacks (Free) / High-end coffee machine (Free) →Check in Mujin blog
  • Gym facilities in the office

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