Senior Touchscreen UI/UX designer (英語のみ)


We are looking for a Senior UI/UX Designer to turn our software and hardware into easy-to-use products for our clients. Job responsibilities include:

- Design Interface for the applications including hardware. (Teaching Pendant).

- Gather and evaluate user requirements, in collaboration with software developers.

- Create information architecture and wireframes for resistive touchscreen-based robotics applications. (CAD environment modeling, motion planning, and visual programming)

- Manage OEM production of Teaching Pendants.

- Implemented the interface design using Qt, QML, JavaScript.

- Continuously improve UX based on customer feedback and usability testing.

- Continuously add new features requested by clients.

- Conduct Usability Testing of the product including hardware (Quantitative and Qualitative within-subjects).

- Continuously improve brand association through UI/UX design.

- Manage company representation at external events (develop exhibitions, video productions, and promotional materials).

Required skills:

- Touch screen interface UI/UX design experience (including prototyping, user experiments, implementation, etc)

- Skilled at 3D CAD software like AutoDesk, SolidWorks, etc.

- Skilled at 2D vector graphics software like Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp

- Hands on experience with html/css + javascript

- Experience with 3D graphics

- Strong business Japanese language skills (for communicating with external service providers)

- Great technical communication skills in English (for communicating with internal development team)

Preferable skills:

- Experience using Qt + QML

- Comfortable working under Linux

- Hands on experience with software development practice (version control, bug tracking, etc)

- Programming skills in Python, javascript


Object Pose Estimation Expert for Robotic Manipulation (英語のみ)


- Solve cutting-edge scientific and technical challenges related to recognition and pose estimation of a very wide variety of objects in challenging scenarios.
- Analyze and evaluate state of the art algorithms related to detection and pose estimation, from academic and industrial research, and implement and enhance them in a production environment.
- Design, develop, and evaluate the performance of highly scalable and accurate real-time computer vision applications, in Python and C/C++.
- Perform detailed test, carry out performance analysis on algorithms and use continuous integration tools to finely enhance the rapidly deployed algorithms.

Desirable Skills:

- PhD in Computer Vision related topics or MSc with vast computer vision experience.
- Expert in 3D pose estimation of textured and textureless objects in cluttered scenes, with proven experience.
- Very solid Python and C++ experience.
- Experience with a vast set of computer vision libraries.
- Solid mathematical background.
- Previous contributions to open source projects.
- Advanced Linux user.
- Extras: object tracking, SLAM, computer graphics, augmented reality, machine learning, exposure to projects in robotics.

Minimum Requirements:

- MSc Degree or higher in computer science or related fields.
- 3+ years of academic or work experience in object recognition or pose estimation.
- High proficiency in Python and/or C++.
- Experience in creating computationally efficient code that generalizes to multiple detectors.
- Ability to turn academic ideas into high-quality code.
- Excellent knowledge in linear algebra.
- Highly enthusiastic about robotics.












-C++ やpythonでの簡単なプログラミングスキル


Calibration Expert for Computer Vision (英語のみ)

Required Skills

- Experience in sensor calibration, 3D sensor development, and related projects
- Deep understanding of projective geometry
- High proficiency in Python or C++
- Ability to turn ideas into
- Effective oral and written communication skills in English
- Highly enthusiastic about robotics

Preferable Skills

- Deep knowledge of lens distortion models, multi-camera sensor calibration, and multi-view geometry
- Vast computer vision or computer graphics experience
- Very solid experience in both Python and C++
- Experience with multi-core architectures
- Experience in creating generic code that scales to multiple applications
- Previous contributions to open source projects




- pythonを使った上級プログラミングスキル
- Qtを使ったプロダクト開発経験(QML歓迎)
- 非同期(async)と複数スレッドを使ったプログラミングに関する深い知識
- 線型代数学およびコンピューターグラフィクスに関する深い知識
- Linux環境でのソフトウェア開発ツールに関する知識
- オープンソース ソフトウェア開発への貢献


- C++とjavascriptを使ったプログラミング経験
- フルスタック ウェブアプリケーションの開発経験


モーター コントロール エンジニア


- 運動学(Kinematics)、動力学(Dynamics)、制御(Control)に関する知識
- 電気モーターのパラメターの設定経験
- 制御システムに関する知識
- Matlab、Python Numpy/Scipyなどを使用したプロブラミングおよび分析の経験
- C++のプログラミングスキル


- pythonを使用したプログラミング経験
- Linux環境でのソフトウェア開発ツールに関する知識


システム ソフトウェア エンジニア


- ネットワーク、OS、分散コンピューティング、並列計算に関する知識
- C++とpythonを使ったプログラミングスキル
- Linux環境でのソフトウェア開発ツールに関する知識


- オープンソース ソフトウェア開発への貢献
- フルスタック ウェブアプリケーションの経験
- データベース使用経験
- オートメーションテストの経験


2018年度 新卒採用・インターンシップ(18年/19年/20年卒対象)





- 2018年度新卒: 2018年度新卒、または2018年4月までに入社可能な学生(既卒も可)
- インターンシップ: 3ヶ月間以上の期間、週に3日以上(1日4時間~)程度の就業が可能な大学生・大学院生


- 以下の①~③のいずれかのスキル
 ①Python and/or C++のプログラミングスキル
- 日常会話レベル以上の英語力


- 2018年度新卒: 下限400万円~上限1000万円 (スキルに応じて決定します)
- インターンシップ: 有給 (面談により決定します)


- 昇給年1回、他随時
- フリーランチ会(週1回)
- 飲料飲み放題、お菓子食べ放題


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